Monday, December 29, 2014

"EVERY time I try to get out..."

No, that's a lie. Nobody pulled me back in. But I missed you, Internet. I missed you so hard it hurt a little bit, and I gotta say, I did not care for it.

So I started thinking: new year, new commitment to talking about things on the internet. Seems like an easier resolution than say, losing 30 pounds, so why the heck not.

For a blog that dealt so significantly with weight loss, it's probably the assumption of most readers that, when I stopped blogging, I started eating. But that's absolutely, totally and completely not true. I waited an additional three months to start eating, thank you very much.

After August and my last post here, I lost a few more pounds to hit a 2014 low of 144.2. I maintained an average weight of 145-148 throughout the fall, usually by exercising once or twice a week, dieting one or two days a week, and besides that, enjoying the fall and enjoying the holidays. It was glorious. It was terrifyingly busy. 

And then it was Christmas and somehow this morning I weighed 155.

But that's okay, because at some point this past year, if you don't count the last week or so, I lost about 32 pounds in 2014. And yeah sure, shut up, I gained 10 of that back (wow, that hurts my feelings to say), but what the heck would I even DO with my life if I didn't have 20 or 30 pounds to lose at any given moment?!?

I don't know.

My job.

Raise the kids.

Be a better human.

Blah blah blah.

Forget about all those crazy hypotheticals, because dang it, January is PRACTICALLY HERE, and it's time to lose 20 or 30 pounds again!!

Woohoo! Time to refocus my life on the things that really matter, like, for example, whether or not I have a muffin top. And world peace. Probably.

So today, 155.0. I did 100 jumping jacks this morning and very nearly died, and I’m back on the Slim Fast because I’m hoping my January 1 starting weight will be closer to 150 than 160, because at the rate I’ve been gaining this past week, there’s a fair chance I could see 170 before that ball drops.

And then I would have to cry, and no one wants to see that.

So anyway, happy fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, winter, Christmas, and last couple days of 2014, folks. Hope you’ve had a great year, but if not, no worries. In 3 days, we all get hover boards.
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