Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

I was going to write the title in Spanish (Feliz Ano Nuevo).  But see, I don't know how to type the Spanish letter "en-yay" on Blogger and Ano without the "en-yay" means "anus", not "year".  Now just so we're clear, if you have recently gotten a new anus, say, through anus transplant surgery or some sort of new anal rejuvenation therapy, please let me be the first to wish you a happy new anus.  However for my purposes, I feel like more people tonight are probably celebrating the New Year than their New Anuses.  Although the anus people, though few in number, might be celebrating harder.

All this to say, it is the vera vera last day of 2012, and I am back.  So you are welcome.

As you might expect from my leave of absence, I have been very busy and very eating too much.  I celebrated the holidays, but the holidays are done (pretty much) and I need to get back on track, which for me means getting back on-blog.  Some changes you may notice coming soon: 1) I'm going to start weighing in again.  I'm pretty sure I'll be weighing in on Thursdays instead of Mondays. 2) I'll be making regular mention of a 20-pound-drop competition/challenge/thingy that I've joined with my sister- and mother- in laws.  20 pounds by May 23.  I intend to win.  3) Any other changes I decide to add as the whim takes me.  Don't expect me to spoon feed you.  Find the new stuff on your own, danggit.

So to celebrate the new year, I thought I would list a few memorable moments (good, bad, and otherwise) from this year to end all years*.

-This year had life and death.  I had a son.  That was awesome. A lot.  Between my husband and I, we lost 4 of our grandparents.  That sucked.  A lot.

-This year had hospitals in it.  My daughter had her LAST hip dysplasia check up, as she has developed sufficient hip sockets and is no longer a potential surgery candidate.  I on the other hand underwent a vast array of testings and got diagnosed with IBS.  So I take fiber and probiotics and much to my doctor's approval I have learned to poo more frequently.   I know, I was impressed too.

-This year had an election in it.  You can read more about that here.

-This year a chubby Korean reminded us how much fun it is do the pony.  To celebrate the end of 2012, I went and watched the whole Gangnam Style video for the first time.  I agree with America.  It is great.  I hope he does a workout video next, because I think I could get on board with this.

-This year I got an iPhone.  It's a pretty cool phone.

-This year was the first year that my husband and I lived completely on a budget.  Which makes me embarrassed because a responsible adult person would have started that years before, but we chose to not be responsible adult persons and so there you have it.  Also: budgeting is pretty cool.  I know it doesn't sound like it, but yeah. It is.

-This year had immense excitements in it.  Professional almosts that have kept husband and I on the edge of our seats.  And since some of those almosts are still maybes, our immense excitement seems that it will carry into 2013.  And that's nice.

-And lastly, this year had really awesome movies in it.  Did anyone else notice?  Super fun time at the movies in 2012.  I will list all the ones I liked that I can think of. In no particular order.  Don't be insulted please if I say a movie you hated or forget a movie you loved.  Okay here you go:
Dark Knight Rises
The Avengers 
The Hobbit
Hunger Games
The Amazing Spiderman (I didn't like this, I'd call it a muddled disappointment, but I didn't regret watching it.)
Prometheus (Really didn't like this.  Still enjoyed watching it.)
Men in Black 3.  Yep that's right.
21 Jump Street
Cabin in the Woods
And I'm pretty sure there were a bunch more.  Point is, we saw a lot of a movies this year.  And I liked it so much.  I feel like this was a year of Enjoying The Cinema.  And there's still more 2012 flicks I intend to see.  I'm not sure if the movies this year were exceptionally awesome, or if I became somehow more open to the movie-viewing experience, or if I just needed a little happy escapism in a dramatic year peppered with joy and pain, anticipation and disappointment.

Eww, people are making out on TV and it is disgusting.  Don't start your new year by being disgusting, people.  Ew.

Anyway, that's it, that's my thank you and goodbye 2012 wrap up.  Now I think I'll go hang out with the hubs and wax uber-nostalgic for the next few hours until the ball drops for the West Coast.  At the moment husband is singing along to New York New York and showing off his skills as a Rockette.  Because it's always nice to keep your career options open.

Happy New Years, dear friends.  Love God.  Serve each other.  And be sure to find some laughs along the way.

Oh yeah, and for those of you celebrating extra hard this year: Feliz New Bunghole**.

*Epic Mayan-woops.
**Sorry I said Bunghole.
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