Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Weigh In and a Blog Milestone!

First things first:  Target makes a fake version of Mio, which costs like, 85 cents less per squirter thingy.    And I'm off soda (or heading in that general direction) to see if that helps with my.... life.  So for $2.99, I get 24 servings of deliciously sweetened, non-caffinated, non-carbonated, non-caloried beverage that isn't sooo good that it makes me never drink water anymore, but is good enough that I'm a little less sad that I can't have soda anymore.  I recommend the Cherry Limeade.  The Blue Raspberry looks awesomely blue and crazy tasty awesome, but .... eh.  I can't say I recommend the taste over the taste of water.  Which again, may just be further encouragement to drink more water.

Okay, on to other news and things:  I AM IN THE LOWER 140'S!!!!!! Man, the amount of booty shaking you could see if you were here, well, let's just say it's enough to inspire the writing of a song with the word badonka-donk-donk in it. And by here, I mean in my head, not in my house.  Because if I'm going to be completely honest (which is the hot new trend this fall), most of my dancing is imaginary in nature.  Except when I'm in the car.  Then all bets are off.

So teeeechnically, I'm just barely "within the margin of error" lower 140's, eeking by at 144.6.  But at this point, after a couple weeks of "stuck", (when more than 1 day at a time being stuck ACTUALLY makes me want to jump under a bus and end it all), this was a very welcomed weigh in.

And yes, it's possible that I get a little too emotional about my weigh ins.  For all of you who have mentioned that it maaaaay be a good idea to give up the scale for a time, your concern is noted, but I am choosing to respectful ignore your kind advice.  I have to give up sweets.  I have to give up fats.  I have to give up soda and restaurant food and anything indulgent and fun.  I am NOT giving up the scale, it's the only thing I have left.  And I'm still losing weight, so you know.... if it ain't broke and whatnot.

Tomorrow, you will actually get to see another picture of my scale, thanks to THIS, so go ahead and spend the rest of today waiting with baited breath.  I on the other hand will spend the rest of today picking out some new toenail polish and refusing to eat solid foods.  Kidding, kidding.  Probably.

Last but certainly not least, I'd like to welcome all the new humans and bots who have started reading the blog over the past couple of weeks.  In the next day or two (depending on how interesting I am, and how bored you are) it seems I will have received 10,000 pageviews.  That's outrageous.  I am especially excited by all the hundreds of people who have stumbled upon my site by Googling sleepy cats.  So as a thank you, here are a couple new pictures of sleepy cats.

I decide it's nap time.

I have NOT gotten too fat for the box.  I fit AMAZING in the box.

You're welcome.


  1. Congrats on the weight loss! And, I love the picture of the kitten sleeping on the laptop.

  2. Awesome weight loss! I have to admit I'm jelly! See ya tomorrow for that weigh-in :)

  3. OK first off... SLEEPY CATS AWE!!! And second, way to go on your weight loss! If you don't want to ditch the scale, don't. It's personal for each and every person. I've decided to sorta ditch it, but that's because it just becomes too much of an emotional issue for me, at least this time around. Gotta do what's best for you!!

    1. I feel ya. When I tried to lose weight before, the scale would KILL me. If I had a good weigh in, I would feel like I could eat. If I had a bad weigh in, I felt like, "I screw it, I'm just gonna eat". These days, I've flipped it so that no matter what the scale says, I DON'T eat (crap at least), and that's been helping a great deal :-)


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