Monday, September 3, 2012

Today is so freakin sexy I can't hardly stand it.

I have like, seventeen different things to cheer about today, so I'm gonna get right in and start listing.

1) This weekend, I busted through 150 and got well into the 140s.  That was awesome.

2) I am over HALF WAY THROUGH with all this weight loss!!  I set out to lose 56 pounds.  I have lost 29.4 pounds!!  No, that needs some more exclamation marks.  Like !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  There we go.  So of course, this means I only have 26.6 pounds to go.  It means I am on the count down portion.  The riding downhill portion.  The AWESOME portion.

3) If you haven't done this math already, or checked out "The Mondays", today's weigh in was 146.6.  This was, essentially, my absolute absolutest low from Weight Loss 'Stravaganza 2010-2011.  Which also means, I HAVE LOST EVERY LAST NASTY POUND OF MY PREGNANCY WEIGHT. Excuse me while I do a bunch of sexy poses now.

4) This morning, I went for a run.  I logged 3 miles with an average pace of 11:55 per mile.  I get that this is ridiculously slow, heck, a year and a half ago I ran 13 miles at 11:30.  But since baby boy joined the family, I have been averaging closer to 13 minute miles, so this today, was lung-burningly fast.  And I was proud of me.

*As a side note, the secret was to increase the frequency of updates.  I've noticed that the fastest periods in my normal jogs come just after each mile, when I get the "this is how fast you are now" update.  So I changed it, so that I now get updates every quarter mile, or every 2-3 minutes.  It kept me motivated to keep up the pace.  It totes worked.

So that's my day's sum up.  I'm so glad to be back at my pre-preg low.  It's not the "end" for me, (ba-duh) instead, it feels a lot more like a beginning.  I've lost weight and gotten THIS thin before, but last year I couldn't get any farther.  This year I will, and I'll probably do it within the next week or two.  And it's gonna rock my freakin face off.

5)  Oh yeah, and remember that "lose a marathon" challenge I've been in?  Well I've got two more weeks and only 0.8 pounds to go.  That's right.  Go ahead and bow down to worship my awesome*.  You know you want to.

*Don't actually bow down and worship me, or my awesome.  It is idolatry and it is wrong.  Even if you really want to.

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