The Pics

Some before and after stuff, some journeys over the years.

July 6-27, 2015, 21 Day Fix:

Some stuff from 2014:
Year over year life change, 2010 to 2011!

The Shrinkage of 2012:

At 170!

At 160!

At 150!

At 140!

And here are some older pics, chronicling some of the best stuff over the last few years.

Giving birth day!  Shane and I were sick, and looked pretty bad long before the pain even started!  At the peak of pregnancy weight, I was tipping the scales at around 210.  Unfortunately, my baby didn't come out weighing 45 pounds, as I'd originally hoped. Still though, pregnancy, even over 200 pounds, seems pretty cute.  

10 year reunion, May 1, 2010.  I was wearing maternity jeans (7 months after my daughter was born, I had trouble finding jeans to accommodate my new belly).  I was also wearing a jacket that could in no way button up.  No idea how I thought I was pulling that off. :-)  Weight around that time: Hovering right around 190.

Down from a size 14 to a size 6, here's the long awaited Skinny Jeans pic!  I know I look thicker around the waist here than in the last picture, but I'm down to around 147 now, so I know I didn't get bigger in there.  Must just be what clothes do to a person, plus the magic of deceptive photography.

Stopping for a pic with my amazing family after finishing my first race- the Visalia End of the Trail Half Marathon!!
- April 30, 2011

1 YEAR DOWN! Comparison shots:

August, 2010

August 1011

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