Thursday, September 13, 2012

Oops. Challange begun...ish?

So I had agreed to join in with this weight loss challenge dilly starting on this past Tuesday.... and then life happened... and I totally forgot to post and stuff.

So, you know.  Oops.

Anyway, if you'd like to know more about the sweet-awesome Fall Challenge, click the 
and check it out!  

Fall is always a rough time, as clothes get more conceal-y and food gets more... comforting, and we have birthdays and holidays and always plenty of candy.  And I still have bunches more pounds that I want to see gone.  So a fall challenge should be great to keep my behind in order.

So what does this mean for my readers?  It means you'll get to see my toenail polish and my gnarly feet and a picture of my scale, every Tuesday until early November.  So this is my starting weight from Tuesday.  Ta Da!  You'll notice it's a higher weight than I want it to be.

My feet say "hello".  

Now moving on to other things from Tuesday:

I met with the doctor.  He says my gallbladder is good.  No, he says my gallbladder is SPECTACULAR.  Seriously.  Your gallbladder WISH it could regulate bile like my gallbladder can.  Assuming, of course, that this is, in fact, the function of a gallbladder.  Turns out I'm not a doctor and I seldom know what I'm talking about.

So why am I still in pain, you ask?  I don't know if you asked.  I sure as shoot did.  The doctor offered me an endoscopy like it was a party favor, like he thinks I might want to do it, you know, for funsies.   Apparently I lack the symptoms and risk factors for the things they would be endoscopy-ing, but we could do it anyway, again, for funsies.

GI doctor doesn't want to cut me.  GI doctor doesn't think I have something you'd find on an endoscopy.  GI doctor thinks, as have all the IBS afflicted nurses I've met over the past couple months, that I have IBS.  I typed it really small because it's embarrassing and shameful and you don't type things like that out loud.

So here's some news about IBS.  There are 3 types.  Serious and Terrifying Poo Type, No Poo Type, and Crazy and Unpredictable Poo Type.

There's only one type which is treatable with a pill.  It's the No Poo Type.  Which, assuming this affliction is the affliction with which I am currently afflicted, would be the actual type I am afflicted with.  If I say afflicted enough times, I assume you'll miss the fact that I just told you something about my poo.  Afflicted.

Let's focus on the good part: THERE MIGHT BE A PILL THAT CAN FIX ME.  Which sounds much awesomer than surgery.  The bad part then, is the fact that my insurance doesn't want to cover that pill (thanksalotobamacare), so the  pharmacy is holding it for ransom until my doctor moves heaven and earth and the minds of the money savers to get them to give it to me.

Ah, the adventure continues.  I'll be sure to keep you updated.  I'm sure you'll want to be updated.  In the mean time, I may very well just stop eating completely.  At the very least, it'll help get me closer to winning the Fall Challenge!!


  1. You are definitely welcome into the challenge, even if your weigh in was a tad late! Welcome! And sorry about the, uh, umm, poo thing (I can't type it small, though I would if I could).

  2. Good luck on the challenge...I have IBS too...I know, TMI....but it is manageable and doing this challenge will definately help!! Can't wait for this weeks weigh in!

  3. Good luck!! And good luck with the poo! That sounds hilarious to say, but I know how much those issues can suck.

  4. Good luck with the challenge!! I am looking forward to reading your blog! :)


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