Monday, September 10, 2012

Trekkies 2: Engage.

Watching Trekkies 2 because it is on Netflix streaming and that is more than enough reason to drop everything and watch some television.

On one hand, I can't say I find this film quite as fascinating as Trekkies 1, but on the other, it still has me questioning everything I know and believe to be true.  So I guess that means it was successful.

I've learned a very specific group of factoids during the past 'bout-an-hour, and I'd like to share them with you now. Thank you.

Specific Factoid Number:

One.  Crazy ass Trekkies exist in every country and on every continent.  Don't believe me?

Boom.  Klingon Penguin cuts your face.

Two. Crazy ass Trekkies don't like to be called crazy ass Trekkies, they like to be called crazy ass Trekkers.  It's better.

Three.  I am NOT a Trekkie.  Trekker.  Trek-human-being-thank-you-very-much.  Cuz I really do NOT  get this.

I just... I don't get it.  What's wrong?  Is it because she's a girl?  Is it a lack of insignia?  Is it the fact that her hair is all loose and hanging over her uniformed instead of being properly stored in its upright and locked position?  Is it because she's giving the Vulcan Howdy Wave in a sort of, loosey-goosey, "Hey hey Heeeeey!" sort of way?  Is yellow not her color??  I just don't know.

Four.  Some of these people have real life jobs and spouses and things.  But most of them should be used as the basis for understanding the vast spectrum of social disorders when it's time to write future DSMs.

Five.  Trekkie-ers are sad.  Apparently they like Star Trek conventions because that's where no one is punching them.  And that is sad.

Six.  Nothing makes me experience such a vast array of emotions, from joy to sorry, humor to pity, to utter, utter confusion in such short order.  I just don't know how to feel about this level of fanhood.  I don't know how to respond to real life grown ups who choose to wear costumes to the grocery story and in their jobs... I .... but.... no.  There are just no words.  There's uncomfortable laughter and a strained smile-grimmace, but absolutely no words.

In order to walk back toward some semblance of reality, I will conclude this:  If the person in front of you arguing that there is "no such thing as normal people or normal behavior" is wearing a complete Klingon costume in his day to day normal life, he may not have the best perspective on the issue.

Live long and prosper, folks.  I am, and will always be, your blogger.

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