Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dry-Heaving is Sissiness Leaving the Body

So, I'm a big fat sissy-lady, but a little less so after the "my body is tantruming and threatening to do terrible terrible things" post work out episode this morning.  But again, all that came of it was a little bit of dry-heaving and a lingering sense of "oh lord, my poor, poor body wants to die now".

Which all brings me to the real point here: Nike Training Club... holy crap, I hate your stupid face so hard right now.  I've had the app for a good long time now, and never really, shall we say, "used it".  So today I did.  I went into the backyard, and maybe 3 minutes into the 30 minute work out, I pretty much wanted to die.  Run. Then backpedal.  Then 2 minutes of high kicks. Planks and pushups and squats and reverse crunches and lunges and, to be honest, I was sore going into the dang thing after yesterday's workout.  It is so, so hard to lift my arms right now.  I am a ridiculous, pathetic, sissy face.

Of course, all this means is that Nike Training Club is terrible and awesome and will become my primary work out for the time being.

Because as I said yesterday, I do need to work out.  Which I hate, and is very bad news for yours truly. These "tone" exercises are so much worse than just going for a run.  I know now that's because, while sometimes I run far and long and take a long time to do it, I don't run HARD.  Nike Training Jerkface makes me work out HARD.

So many times I look at this stuff I have to do and say, "I'm really not the type of person who _____." Fill in the blank.  Works out.  Wears size little.  Eats fresh produce everyday.  Willingly chooses to NOT eat desserts when desserts are available for eating.

Big freaking shock that I was once Obese, right?  Because guess what?  THAT'S WHAT THE PERSON DESCRIBED ABOVE BECOMES.  If I don't want to be a fat person anymore, if I want to be super skinny and toned and hot, I can't just change what I do, I really have to fundamentally change who I am.  I have to become the kind of person who eats right (done) and exercises regularly (...oye).

Which begs the question:  Is it worth it?  I think so.  At least today, at 144lbs and dropping, it's feeling worth it.  At some point, the cost benefit analysis may change, I may be sufficiently comfortable to maintain 130 instead of fighting to stay at 120, and that's a choice I'll have to make some day.

But not today.

Today is sore muscles and racing heart and crazy loads of nausea.  And it. Is. Awesome.


  1. OMG those workouts ARE hard aren't they?!?! I've had that app for over a year now. Actually, I got it when I first bought my phone which was a year and a half ago. I was pretty in shape when I got it, and that biotch made me feel like I was heavier than a feaking elephant. It's so deceiving, too, because it doesn't really look that hard and it's only like a half an hour, and then BAM, your arms and legs start shaking and go numb and you're only five minutes in! I'll get back to those someday. Better you than me! ;) *wink wink*

    1. You know, if we could combine your exercise with my diet, we'd probably have one really sexy lady ;-) I am sooo glad to hear someone else thinks those things are nuts, I thought I might die. Someday, I hope to do more than the "beginner" level, and I hope to look better than "collapsing on the floor, gasping". :-) Good luck to us all!!


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