Tuesday, September 18, 2012

One week of Fall Fit Challenge: COMPLETED!!

So one week in, and here's my Official Second Scale Pic:

Nope, I haven't repainted my toenails as I had intended, but I'm going to go ahead and focus on the number between the ugly feet.

It's 143.8.  Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooookay I'm done. Woo!

Yes, it's like, a 5 pound loss from last Tuesday, but that does make sense, as the 149 was way over where I had been before.  So it's not a WOAH THAT'S FREAKING AMAZE-BALLS! number, but it's good.  It's the lowest I've been since very shortly after graduating college, and it feels GREAT.

Last night I was up late finishing up some work when I caught a few minutes of an infomercial.  Not just AN informercial, mind you, THE infomercial.  THE  infomercial about Beautiful Brazilian Butts and the exercises that make them.

*Can I stop for a minute here and give you a piece of advice?  Please do not, no matter how tempting it may feel, go Google the term "brazilian butt lift" and then click "images".  I thought it might be fun to have some visual representation of the "workout craze sweeping the nations", but all I got were lumpy naked butts.  Lots, and lots, and lots, of lumpy naked butts.  Who knew that there were so many nude pictures on the internet?!

Anyway, so I saw this infomercial and it got me thinking.  I'm flabby.  Yes yes, I'm losing weight, but it's been years since the volleyball playing and cheerleading (what the WHAT? Yeah, bite me. I did that once.) had my behind looking perky and toned.  Now, unless I'm wearing a nice deceptive pair of jeans, my booty is flat and sad and old.  And my legs... and then there's the belly... and... oye.

Point is, even though I'm losing weight well, I haven't really focused on "tone" yet.  And to be honest, I'm thinking it's time.   The point of this weight loss 'stravaganza wasn't just to regain a healthy weight, to fit into a certain size, or hit a particular arbitrary number.  The idea is to become my best.  To look and feel better than I ever have before ever.  And if I'm going to do that, I'm certainly going to have to do some sit ups and lunges.


Bright side:  Soon I will hit the 140 mark, and it will be time for more progress pics.  Hopefully tone will make those pics look less depressing, and I'll get a little more "Holy sexy, Batman!" and a little less, "Wow, you were really brave to post that on the internet..."

Hey, a girl can dream.


  1. Great work! 5 lbs lost is awesome! I agree that exercise is super important when losing weight. It helps to make sure you are losing fat and not muscle tissue. I recently started strength training. And, I've been really surprised by how much I enjoy it, and how great it makes me feel.

  2. You're doing great, girl! And you are only 8 pounds away from where I am so we really can share clothes!!!!

    1. Thanks! Also, THAT IS AWESOME. You have no idea, it works out SO MUCH better for me than it does for you ;-)

  3. Great job on the awesome week! You're in the lead already!! :)

    I was reading your comment on my post and, yeah, losing weight is easier when I watch my diet than when I workout. And that's exactly why I have such a hard time losing weight and keeping weight off. I like, no LOVE, eating, so as soon as I stop working out my weight goes to $hit.

    Speaking of working out, I know exactly what you mean about toning up, too. I'm super flabby!! The thinner you get, the more toned you look though, so I wouldn't worry about those next set of progress pics! I look forward to seeing them (and so not in a creepy way either lol).


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