Friday, November 19, 2010

Sharing time!

I don't really know what blogging is supposed to be for, but it seems mine is meant to be used for disturbing amounts of self-disclosure.  Here's some things I'm thinking about tonight..

1) I've wanted the same tattoo since I was 17.  I frequently draw it on my foot when I'm not wearing socks or shoes (See item 3).
2) Sometimes I would STILL rather walk around with my nose stuck in a book.  I know it makes me look like a total dweebus.  I got made fun of for it in Elementary school.  I got made fun of for it in college.  I don't care.  Everyone else walks around on their stupid cell phones, anyway.  At least I'm friggin literate.
3) I would generally prefer to be barefoot.  If I have to wear shoes, I'll typically choose boots.  I like boots because then I don't have to wear socks that match my clothes.  Or each other.  Or sometimes, I just won't wear any at all. I'm kind of annoyed by socks.

So, solidarity folks, anyone out there have any personal and embarrassing facts to share with this little corner of the world?  Come ooooooon, you know you wanna!!


  1. I think holding a quarter in your hands is a better idea. And who made fun of you in college?


  2. I'm in agreement with both the books and socks , i tend to like books more than i like people... and i hate socks, i only own two pairs and none of them match!

  3. THANK you Nicole. Kate, you're a jerk, and a closet nerd-bomber yourself, so I'd watch what you say there. And as for the quarter... I've found poker chips are better. They have a nice size and weight to them, and when you spin them through your fingers, people may just think you're a really sweet awesome poker player-ninja. Hey, it's possible.

  4. I used to never wear socks. I swam in high school, and grew up with a pool, so my feet were not used to being dressed up so much. My feet were also always cold. I thought that was just a thing about being me, until I met Nick. See, the smart cold-weather-Minnesotan he is, every time I would complain about being cold, he would tell me to put some socks on. I resisted for a long time, thinking it was silly. When I finally started wearing socks when I was cold, I quit being so cold all the time! Who knew!

  5. I appreciate this comment because of the confessiony nature, and also the nice, solid, practical advice. You heard it hear first kids: If you get cold, try wearing some socks! Who knew?


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