Thursday, November 11, 2010

See, because it's a pun!

Or something like that.  Self-discipline kids.  Self discipline is the word-phrase of the day.  Self-discipline with diet.  Self-discipline with exercising.  Self-discipline with finishing tasks I've begun.  Self-discipline with saving money.  Self-discipline with avoiding temptation, and doing what's right and good and true instead of taking the easy way out.  Big shocking-and-intimate disclosure:  I have, like, zero self-disciplines.  

Or had. And that is what makes this time of life the turning point.  And that's why it's getting a blog.  Because here's what I'm going to do.  I am GOING to continue losing weight.  I am going to work harder at my job.  I am going to take the steps to open myself as a private business.  I am going to pay off my student loans and then my mortgage.  I am going to be an awesome mom and wife and housecleaner.  I am going to get good enough and consistent enough with my crocheting (that's the pun, see? There will be stories about yarn, and by that I don't actually mean stories about stories... although...) to potentially open my own Etsy.  And I am going to continue pressing on toward a closer relationship with God, without whom I am a worthless sack of sludginess.  And of course, I am going to type all about it.  Interested? Intrigued?  Hopelessly titillated?  Probably not... YET.  But this is only the beginning, and things are about to get awesome.

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