Saturday, November 13, 2010

Looking young again?

Again, because up until the past few years, people have pretty consistently assumed me to be about 5 years younger than I am.  On my 22nd birthday, my mom asked a waiter how old he thought I was.  His response?  "Fou... Fi... Sixteen?"  I was regularly scoffed during my college years by people who thought I MUST be in early high school, and at my first post-college job, people would state, "with this job, you must be 18 at least I guess, right?"  All this to say, I'd gotten rather used to looking like a teenager.  I should also say that I didn't particularly hate this, but I didn't particularly love it either, as 16 year olds don't tend to garner great deals of respect.

However, I haven't gotten this response in the past few years.  Not sure if it's weight gain, being married, grown up life, or now having a baby which has aged me up to my actual "almost 30".  And while there is some benefit to looking a bit older, such as commanding a bit more respect when I'm called up as an "expert" in meetings, it's also a little sad to know that your face has aged 10 years in the past 5 or so.

This brings me to last Thursday, at Kaweah for a TB test, where the lady at the front desk asks, "So, you're getting a TB test for school?  Or...." and waits for my answer.  School.  School?  I am 27 years old, the assumption "employment" seems to make a lot more sense than school.  Because if I was needing to get a TB test  for school, I must be, at the OLDEST, moving into some kind of dorm, right?

Anyway, this may be bucket loads of wishful thinking, but I just may have been mistaken for a teenager once again...  Booyah face.  Way to hide, laugh lines.

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