Saturday, November 27, 2010

Say hello goodbye

This is our last morning at Shane's parents house, the day we leave our thanksgiving vacation and head back to the real world... Dum dum DUM!! Currently, the rest of the family is either gone or out on an airport drop-off. To make matters feel stranger, the hubs (fake shock) and the baby (actual shock) have decided to sleep in, so I'm up all by my lonesome, blogging on my iPod and half watching ancient episodes of scrubs. Real sorry if either of these facts reduces the superduper high quality you've come to expect here.

So two points of interesting news: 1, according to the local scale, I'm now weighing in at 160. Translation, somehow lack of exercise and rich food has lead to 4 pounds of weight loss over the past week. This seems a bit curious, but I heard this thing about gift horses once that I intend to abide by. Just the same, it's a different scale, so I'm withholding excitement until I see what ours has to say. Second factoid, it seems that someone out ther e has found my blog via some dieting website. What what?? I gotta say, if I'm being used as somesort of testimonial without my knowledge, well, I'm just really not okay with that. And what program? The "eat less, exercise more, and pray about it" diet?? Sigh, you're right, I'm sure that is a diet program and I'm probably infringing on some copyright just by mentioning this. Oops.

Update: I made Shame weigh himself, and if anything, he weighs a tiny bit more than normal. This may actually mean I lost some weight over the, it is true, I DO win the game of life.


  1. I'd say it's accurate because my scale at home said the same thing. I sent my weigh in to Katie. 8 pounds lighter version of me - here I come!

  2. Sent my weight in too! I gotta say, getting back on the diet today was rough, but I kept thinking about you guys, and how I want to kick your butts at this month of weight loss ;-) It's always better when it's competitive :-D Hope you're doing great!


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