Tuesday, November 16, 2010

So I guess this is growing up

This morning Madelyn put one of her baby dolls in her play stroller and pushed it around the living room.  This got me thinking a bit.

Take a look at any baby animal, and it won't take too long to realize that his play time activities all involve practice for adulthood, from wrestling with siblings, to attacking bugs and blades of grass, the things he does as a baby begin the development of the skills he will need for adulthood.  And I know cognitively that we work to do the same with our own children: we help them build important developmental skills in play, so that while they are having fun they are learning to be strong and productive adults.  I know this, yes, but seeing my baby pretend to take care of her baby, well, it was kind of a moment for me.

Later this morning Madelyn threw her baby doll on the floor and kept pushing the stroller.  I think she's practicing giving time outs.  I may want to keep an eye out for my grandkids one day...

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