Monday, November 29, 2010

This is an '81 Honda, HOW DARE YOU?!???

The title above is by far the best line in a pretty lame movie, which I had the chance to catch a bit of again this past weekend.  In Employee of the Month, as the villain checker is attempting to sell his crappy old car to his loyal box boy, Jessica Simpson accidentally hits a golfball through the window, knocking the box boy in the side of the head.  This causes our villain to assume he is, for no reason we can tell, under attack, and to respond by sticking his head out of the window and yelling the line into the night, with a voice that just drips with righteous indignation.

I love the line.  It makes me laugh.  I seem to find an abnormally large amount of reasons to do the voice and quote the line in my everyday life.  I don't believe, however, that the line is funny because it's so strange.  I think I find it so amusing because the idea is so ridiculous, and so true to our own experience.  Because I have this feeling that this amusing and rather outrageous line mirrors, in a lot of ways, what we must so frequently sound like to God.

So many times I find myself demanding things of God, and then frustrated, embittered, doubting, and angry, I turn away when I don't receive what I request.  Basically, I pout.  I pout to God for not following my plans, or giving me what I "deserve".  I flail about angrily in the same way my daughter does when I pull her finger away from the light socket, or deny her a second piece of cake.  I'm indignant, indignant for my own glory, my own righteousness.  Side note:  Praise God that He has so graciously chosen to deny me what I actually deserve.  Seriously.

Sometimes I think God needs to grab me in his hands and shake me, yelling back "Who the hell are YOU?!?" and "Who the hell do you think I AM?!?"  Kinda like he did with Job.

I guess this will just give me something to think about, the next time I find myself, fist in the air, shouting belligerently at a holy and omnipotent Creator, "I am an '81 Honda, HOW DARE YOU?!?!?"

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