Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Weight loss posting hiatus

As of this morning, I have lost exactly 30 pounds since the top weight I'd been carrying.  Like, 51 pounds from my top weight, but that would include counting my top pregnancy weight, and that doesn't count.  However, starting this week, my mother- and sister-in-laws and myself are having an 8-pounds-in-4-weeks contest, to get in better shape by Christmas.  So with respect to that, I will not be posting anything more about my weight until after the holiday.  Shoot, if things aren't going well, I may not want to post at all.  So basically I'm saying, that while blogging will continue, the thing about this blog that people find most interesting will not, at least until the end of December.  I guess we'll see if any faithful readers continue checking in!


  1. When I win this contest can my award be that every sentence you and mom say to me start with "Since you are SOOOOOO skinny ..."? TOWANDA!!!!!

  2. HA! Nice. So long as when I win, you start every sentence with, "As a person with such an itsy bitsy waist and gorgeously long, toned legs..." That's right. I'm asking a lot out of these 8 pounds ;-)


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