Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A bit of pimping...

It's here! It's here!  It's finally here!  For those of you who are still unawares, Shane has recently had a book published, and we've been anxiously awaiting its arrival.  We were, then, pleasantly surprised that the tap-tapping at our door tonight proved to be a man in brown shorts bearing a very special package!  However, after a bit of discussion we asked the man to kindly put his genitals away and make room for the UPS delivery guy who showed up later.  HA.

But I digress.  In all honesty, the book is small, but rich.  It delves deeply into various Christian truisms and endeavors to guide its readers toward a deeper understanding of our faith and of God, and hopefully then, into a richer, more powerful relationship with him.  I can truly say I love this book, and find it deeply inspiring.

The book is entitled The Fine Print of Christianity, and will be available through Wipf and Stock's website in 2 weeks, in 4 weeks, and within the next 6-8 weeks.  However, if anyone is interested, we can actually get copies of the books now ourselves, so just let us know and we'll get you a copy!  And remember, at only 15 bucks a pop, they make great Christmas gifts, or even stocking stuffers! :-)

Lastly, for your viewing... whatever, here's a picture of me reading the book in front of a roaring fire while wearing pretend glasses:


  1. Love the ROOOARING fire. And I think it is extremely rude that a male stripper decided to show up at your front door. How inconsiderate!

  2. HA. Isn't it great? I must admit, the camera flash takes some of the roaring-ness away, but you get the idea ;-) We can also bring it down to a little cozy, romantic burn as well. So versatile!


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