Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fall Fit Tuesday Tres!

Today's weigh in:
Woot! 1.2 more pounds down from last week, and 6.8 pounds down from week one.  

This week's lessons:  
1) Weight loss is wicked freaking awesome, even when it's slow.  Today, once again, I'm the thinnest wife my husband has ever had.  I'm only 2 pounds over where I was at my college graduation, and I was pretty freaking hot at my college graduation.

2) I have ugly feet.  I know, you were probably distracted by the awesome toenail paint, but I've come to see that the polish is just a thin mask hiding what are otherwise ridiculous, floppy, size 8 1/2, wider-than-they-are-long, hobbit-feet.  I might need to start wearing stilettos for my scale pictures.  Or at least some kicky socks.

3) Exercise does not give you energy when you are eating very very few calories.  It makes you feel weak and shaky and sleepy.  But if it gives you a sexy tush, I'm still in.  For heaven's sake, I need something to distract the eye from my giant floppy hobbit-feet.

This week's challenge/sub-challenge was to make a healthy meal that you haven't made before.  And then take pictures of it.  I haven't shown you the pictures yet, because I haven't completed the challenge yet. But I intend to.  I have already purchased some salmon, which was sufficiently scary because I have not had to purchase meat directly from the butcher before and I wasn't exactly sure how to do it, because maybe they have their own code for how to appropriately order the appropriate amount and kind of fish.  I went up to the man and said "Could I get the salmon filet?" and he said "the salmon" and I said "yes" and then he gave me some salmon.  He weighed it first and it was almost a pound and it cost $4.33, which might be horribly over or under priced for salmon, but again, I do not know, because I do not normally purchase salmon.

I came home from the store and husband said, "Woah.  Meat wrapped in butcher paper.  Woah." And I was glad then that I am married to someone who understands.

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  1. That's a great price for salmon! Please do a dry rub and cook it in a little coconut oil, and squeeze some fresh lime over it!!! If you need to skip the oil, trade out the oil and stove for parchment paper and your oven. Lemme know if you want the recipe for my favorite rub!


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