Thursday, February 21, 2013

Nobody said it was easy. Yup.

Terrible cold.  Company.  Ear infection.  Busy busy work schedule.  Two kids at home, and one with a potential medical problem.  And in the middle of it, go, eat loads of healthy food and exercise, because woman you've still got a bunch of pounds to lose.


Sometimes life gets in the way of weight loss.  I'm feeling like a prime example of that these days, like I've got life-excuses up the wazoo for why my weight loss has stagnated.  And as much as I'd like to pass the buck on this one, to blame my life and not myself for getting stuck this whole dang month, let's be honest.  I feel like a giant poo-burger about it.  I feel like a busy, stressed out, head congested failure, and it's not terribly enjoyable.

Also, Hi! Long time no see!  How've y'all been the last couple of weeks?

So I want to talk about my son real quick, so that I'm not being vague and annoying.  Apparently, the poor kid is not putting on weight.  About 1/2 pound in about 3 months.  Add to it, he's gotten super constipated.  Now I had thought the constipation was from adding in solid foods, and I've been trying to teach him to drink water, and I've been trying to up green veggies and remove some stuff like bananas that might be stopping him up.  And the weight, well I guess I figured he was in the "stretch out" portion of child growth, and was just waiting for him to to chunk back up.

But now he's down to the 5th percentile for his weight, and the doc is concerned.  So he tested his blood last Friday.  Turns out our little man has borderline hypothyroidism, which in adults causes obesity, but in babies means you stop growing.  And then according to the internet (p.s., never NEVER read the freaking internet), could mean he doesn't grow appropriately, is incredibly short, doesn't develop musculature, and can stop his brain from growing and cause mental retardation.  Which is exactly when I walked away from the internet.  

His doctor spoke with a specialist and they have decided they'd like to do some more blood tests, so we're going back in next week Friday.  In the mean time, we're trying to get him to drink prune juice, and cutting out the carbs out to get his system working better.  Which is helping some, I think.  I can't say he's gaining weight yet, but he's pooing more frequently, and it doesn't seem to be hurting him anymore.

It's hard to take starchy foods away from kids, but little man seems to love avocados and leafy greens, and he's allowed to have any fruit he'd like, which makes him happy even if he can't have rice, potatoes, crackers and oatmeal like he'd prefer.  

I'm worried about him.  I'm worried about what could happen if he's not treated, and I'm worried about the ramifications of starting him on a life-long hormone treatment, because thyroids are not "fixable".  We're praying for healthy poos and good growth and better looking blood, and we're praying for faith and relief from worry about things we can't control.

So.  About the weight loss.  I hope that sounds trite, and lame, and utterly unimportant, because that's also how it's felt this past week or so.  But I feel like I have 2 options:  I can choose to set it aside, I can make the decision "I am worrying about other things right now and I'm not thinking about losing weight", or I can decide to keep making good choices and truck on.  Losing weight isn't the biggest part of my life right now.  Before yesterday and today, I hadn't worked out in two weeks.  But I guess I'm deciding, I can still eat well.  I can still make better choices every day, I can do what I can, and we'll see how it works.  At the very least, it feels better.

I'm at 141.8 today, I saw 140.6 earlier this week.  A little over a month ago I was seeing numbers like 147 and 148, and that was wretched, so, ya know, this is better.

So I'm still here, still trying, still trekking on, and still hoping to see the 130s and the ::gulp:: 120s? after not too long.  And finally over the stupid cold and subsequent ear infection that's been driving me insane for almost two straight weeks.  Geez. Wretched life ;-)

Have a happy Thursday folks!


  1. I'm praying for you and your little man. It's so hard making nutrition decisions for your kids! We just stopped eating bread/wheat since my son seems to have some sort of allergy. And they eat better when starch isn't an option. But that certainly goes against the average American pediatrition's advice!

  2. oh my goodness. i totally understand what you are going through. i couldn't even focus on taking care of myself when my little guy was going through so many problems. it was all about him. once things settled and we started to get clearer results, i started to take care of myself again... is this a mom thing? and google... i swore my child had cerebal palsy after googling. i was a mess...and it made me think the worst.

    i'll be praying for your little one and for answers to help ease all the stress.


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