Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Lights... Camera... ME!

As you all WELL know, I hate, truly loathe, all forms of braggadocio and self promotion, but sometimes... sometimes, you just can't help it.

Today I got a phone call from the "Northern Los Angeles Area".  I was intruiged.  The call was from Terry, who had heard, (I can only assume, from one of my adoring fans), that I've been interested in getting into acting and/or modeling.  It turns out that Terry has directed sitcoms, and he would like to set me up with a Hollywood acting and/or modeling agent.

I really hadn't thought much about my acting and/or modeling aspirations before today.  I mean, as an undeniably attractive and talented person, it's not a terrible SHOCK to me that Hollywood has come calling, but I've also got so many other things going for me, other Irons in the Fire if you will, that I just don't know if I can give my acting and/or modeling career the attention it deserves.

That being said, I was impressed at Director Terry's interest in me, at his ability to notice my obvious raw talent in acting and/or modeling.  He also gave some helpful suggestions, like, "You should never have to pay someone to take you on as a client".  Of course I know this.  Maybe those with less natural ability would have to pay others for representation, but not me, that's for certain.

It's funny, and maybe a little bit sad, how much my poor husband has had to strive to get any really Hollywood attention for his writing, and here, with no work on my part, I've got Hollywood directors just knocking down my door, begging me to become an actress and/or model. And all I had to do was press 1 to be connected to an agent instead of pressing 2 to be removed from Director Terry's call list.

Oh, and don't worry.  If I do decide to grace Director Terry with my business and become a major acting and/or modeling star, I would never forget the little people.  Because it really is all you little people that make this all worth while.

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