Sunday, July 20, 2014

Is it Fall yet??

Well folks, the summer is done, and it's back to real life now. And by summer, I of course mean the week of vacation we got, spending time with family and lounging by the pool. But alas, now we are home, good ol' work to do, floors to scrub, bills to pay, bedtimes to enforce home.

Our life is about to change, it seems. The Old One is turning 5 in October, and so we're starting down the education superhighway.  (WOAH. Did you know that superhighway was one word?!? Because I did not, until I wrote it and the internet was like, "Don't worry dude, you're a'ight" And I was like "Really??" and it was like "Totally, man, you don't need to change anything. We're cool." And so then I was like, "Well, if you're sure..."  SECOND SIDE NOTE: My internet word checker person seems to think I have a penis. Also, solely based on this conversation, I think he may have gotten into the pot.)

Aaaaanywaaaaaay.... we're homeschooling our kids. Well, kid. For now. We're starting in about 4 weeks (HOLY COW IS THAT FOR REAL?!? 4 WEEKS????) and while I am excited, the Old One has taken to telling people that her classroom is "Just the corner of the living room", which yes, is true, but geez kid, have a little imagination about it. I mean COME ON, we've got a bookshelf and a magnet calendar and everything!
The school in our home :-P

I'm thinking I might write a blog about it. I dunno, new stage in life, new blog. Plus, I've been perusing the internets and I decided that the one thing they were missing is more 30-something dorky moms talking about the weird ways they choose to raise their kids. So once again, you're welcome, internets.

Husband and I are starting diets again... Tomorrow. We've started to lay out the ground rules, I've got about 24 more pounds to go till Supreme Ultimate Goal Weight, but since I'm down 26 since January, I'm happy to, at least, have made it past the half way marker. Woot! Here's for a super skinnier fall!

Well that's about it for now, but before we go, one last little present from the internets:
Have a lovely Monday, friends!

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