Sunday, January 9, 2011

Kickin butt, takin names

So for the week, as far as weight loss goals are concerned, I've failed.  This could be discouraging (I've been hovering back up around 160-161, ugh)  but I've decided it's not.  Today also marks my 8th day of working out EVERYday, and today I've worked out TWICE.  That's right, I got awesome TWO times day.  (MY excitement is displayed by the excessive use of capital letters.)

I've decided something today.  I've decided to get "Gazelle-intense" about my weight loss.  This is a Dave Ramsey-ism, referring to the passion a Gazelle displays in doing whatever it takes to escape the stronger, faster, scary-faced cheetahs who try to eat them.  Dave uses this to describe the way we should passionately escape our debt, doing whatever it takes to improve our financial situations.  I'm starting to feel this way about weight loss.

To be honest, I've been able to lose my first 30 pounds with relative ease, cutting back on calories and occasionally (though not frequently) working out.  But lately, that's not been working as well.  I've been feeling less and less "in control" of myself, like I'm never quite sure why my weight is going up or down.  This has brought with it those old thoughts from, well, most of my life until recently.  Those thoughts that say, "for me at least, losing weight is impossible" or "this is probably as good as I'll ever look".  As discouraging as these statements are, though, I've got new statements now.  I've got 30 pounds of weight loss under my belt (waddap ching!).  I've got practiced calorie control, improved healthy, and increased energy and self-confidence.  And when I make myself feed these thoughts instead of the others, I get excited, because I know that with work, I can finally get healthy, and get looking a way I'm happy with.  So this weeks trip to the grocery store filled our home with fresh fruit and veggies, and the only junk food item at all (a bag of plain Ruffles) is one of the only junk food things I don't ever care to eat.

So here we go, a new year, a new 'tude.  I intend to keep up the once to twice daily workouts every day this month.  Gazelle-intensity, here we go!!

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