Friday, April 19, 2013

What the FUDGE NUGGET just happened here?!?

Four weeks ago tomorrow, I was 2 days shy of 5 weeks pregnant.  And I looked like this.
Pictured with my brother's wife Janae, who is due in about a month and a half!

Not too bad, 138, with a stomach as flat as it's been these days.  Not too bad at all.  Once again, this picture was taken 1 day short of 4 weeks ago.  This picture was taken 27 days ago.

And this is me today.

SO I REPEAT.  WHAT. The fudge nugget.  Just happened here?!?!

I'm 8 1/2 weeks pregnant, and the baby is the roughly the size of a grape.  A GRAPE.  Now Grape-baby's home is apparently about the size of a grapeFRUIT, so that... I don't know.  That's bigger I guess.  I think the real culprit lies with the severe loss of integrity my stomach muscles have seen over the last four years.  It's like when you blow up a new balloon.  The first time, it almost hurts your cheeks.  The latex is tight and it fights the expansion.  It makes you WORK to blow it up.  But the second time... the third.... you pretty much just need to think about it the balloon is full sized again.  

And now, it seems, I am a thrice blown up balloon.

So besides my giant size, here's the other stuffs:

My Weight: 142.  4 pounds up already.  And yeah.  You can see where those 4 pounds have gone.
Baby:  Sonogram on April 9. Heartrate 139bpm.  The picture is too small and fuzzy and what not to be worth posting, but we saw and heard the heart, and that's money.  
Due Date: November 25, 2013
Symptoms:  Sleepy constantly.  Nauseous constantly.  And (somewhat) cranky.  But I blame the first two symptoms on that one.  Besides that, I'm an absolute PEACH to be around.  I swears it.  Oh, and zero vomitando so far.
Gender predictions:  Husband is adamant that we're having another boy.  Of course, this is because his family had a girl-then-two-boys configuration, and their third (him) was also an accidente, so it just feels natural that our accidente is a "him" too.  The Chinese calendar predicts a girl.
Name ideas:  Madelyn suggests we call the new kid Batman.  Not just suggests, insists.  Like, she really won't let this one drop.

Lastly, and unrelated, here is a picture of my son (Captain Middle Child), who was pouting because I told him that playing with a nightlight plugged into an outlet was a "no no".  I think it's crazy precious.

Happy Friday, Friendos!

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  1. Ashley, you are such a crack-up. Every time I visit your blog, I laugh, often aloud! Thanks for hopping over to my blog this week. Hope all is well and that your third (amazing!!) pregnancy goes wonderfully.


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