Friday, January 15, 2016

Is your toothbrush trying to kill you? Why you should always keep a gun in the bathroom, full story, at 11.

I got the antibiotics on Monday, January 4. By Tuesday afternoon, I was really starting to turn a corner. By last Friday, I had a sore throat again.

So Sunday morning, at 6am, on our way out the door to church, (where I was singing on praise team for 2 services), I asked Internet why my Strep throat went away and then decided to come back. And according to Internet? The answer is my toothbrush.

So, my toothbrush is trying to kill me.

More accurately, my toothbrush is holding Strep throat, just for safe keeping, and then giving it back to me twice a day when I brush my teeth.  Like a friendly dude just trying to help me out. “Here friend! You gave this to me earlier, so I held on to it, now you can have it back! Hope you like it!”

I don’t like it, stupid toothbrush. I really, really don’t like it.

According to Internet, what you SHOULD do when you get strep throat is throw away a million toothbrushes. One use, then into the bin.  Which feels outrageously wasteful, but seeing as today, for the first time in 2 weeks, I woke up without a sore throat, so we’re calling it a win.

Now for some things: Today, 2 weeks into The Weight Loss of 2016, 157.4.


4.6 pounds lost
1 inch lost on the waist
1 inch lost in booty town
and some other stuff too! Less in the arms and legs, but 1, basically no exercise due to sickness and a 2 day long migraine I’m just walking out of make me not terribly surprised by this. 

There is no 2. Sorry I just said 1.

BUT. Again, the diet has been amazingly consistent (despite that hamburger I ate last Saturday. It was good.) And I exercised, today, so I think I’m off on a better track. Sorry for the lacks of updates.

Happy weekend, friends, oh and yeah:

21.6 pounds to go!!

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