Friday, January 8, 2016


I DO INDEED HAVE AN AWESOME IDEA. But I'll get to that in a second.

Update. Diet is great. Well, diet is painful and makes me sad. Especially since I started diet on a Friday, and then had to be around... you know... the weekend, and this amazing wedding where we made the video, and there was a table covered in giant glass containers filled with chocolates, and people who walk into your personal space to offer you a giant tray of delicious cake all night that I didn't get to have. Which was mean. You should be able to wear some kind of patch or something so that the trays of cake people know not to treat you like a normal human, and so then I don't have to dig my fingernails into my palms and cry a bunch at strangers.

Ehem. Point is that, thus far, dieting has gone consistently. I'm getting pretty bomb at dieting. 

Workouts, on the other hand, have gone thusly:
Friday: 30 minute work out video and 5 mile run.  It was awesome. I was awesome.
Saturday: Diiiiidn't exactly exercise, really was not feeling well, and then there was the whole wedding job thingy, so ... I didn't.
Sunday: Felt pretty miserable and exhausted all day, but got in a 4 mile jog in the evening. Felt great on the run. Felt like I might die by way of sore throat after the run.
Monday: Went to work. Immediately left work and went to the clinic instead. Got diagnosed with Strep Throat. Went home and moved into bed. No exercise. Lived in the bed.

In FACT, I haven't exercised a single time this week! I did go out to some stuff at church on Wednesday, and at one point ran to my car to get something, but that made me feel like dying, so I think I'm going to continue this non-exercising plan until I'm more fully mended. Or less lazy. Somewhere in there, for sure. Maybe Saturday.

But on to my awesome idea, and that is MARATHON.  I was lying in bed just now, not sleeping, and thinking about the fact that tomorrow is my weigh in day, and wondering exactly what my goal weight should be. I decided 136 and toned sounded like a good goal. Which made me realize I have to lose 26  pounds from my starting weight. Which is a marathon of pounds. Which made me think of this time back in to 2012 when, after giving birth to numero dos, I was in a "lose a marathon" challenge, where we all tried to lose 26.2 pounds in 13 weeks. And I totally nailed it, so I think, heck, let's do that again! So then I calculated out 13 weeks, and that would be April 1, which WHOA, is  the month of the 5 year anniversary of that time when I ran a half marathon. Guys. Guys. Listen, guys. THIS IS AMAZING.  Also??? losing 26.2 total pounds would actually put me at 135.8, officially my lowest married person weight. WOW. Everything is perfect.

So I'm absolutely definitely doing this now. I made up my own challenge, and it is amazing, so it is happening. I got so excited, that even though it's way after midnight and I'm supposed to be recovering from illness, I went and photoshopped a THIS:

This is my official challenge badge!! I'm posting it to the blog as my pledge to lose 26.2 pounds in the first 13 weeks of 2016. If you'd like to join me, please feel free to steal the badge and post it wherever your awesome lives. Because let's be honest, 6:30am me is going to be very upset with everything that transpired hours after I was supposed to be asleep tonight, and a little solidarity would make me feel a lot better!

Alright. gooood night, dearest friends. Check in tomorrow for some Week 1 results!

P.S. I'm also thinking part of this challenge means I should run another 13 miles this coming April. Because I haven't run that far since 5 years ago, this coming April. But I don't yet want to make too many promises that my 6:30am self is going to be angry about.

Okay now good night for reals.

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