Thursday, May 19, 2011

Shopping R0x0rs!

Today I had a break between clients thanks to Star Testing (this will be the only positive thing I ever have to say about Star Testing, so enjoy it) and I had the chance to run by a couple of stores.  First, I went to Payless and, while I'm disappointed that as their shoes get cuter, they also seem to get more expensive,  I also picked out like, a BUNCH that I want.  And they currently ARE running a BOGO sale, which will last through the 16th.  That does not give me much time.  I'm currently weighing in around 146.5, so I've got to shed that last pound point five in the next five days if I want to fully reap the rewards of my weight loss.  Can she do it?!?  YES SHE CAN!!!! Picking out shoes is apparently a super strong motivation for me to keep on my diet and work out extra hard.

Oh, and then, I went to Target and amongst the few things I had to pick up for my clients, I decided to buy myself a cheap ($8) pair of sunglasses, as mine are lost and summer is here and the sun will fry my retinas up like ________ (That's where you can insert something witty and metaphorical.  I can't think of anything, and I think it's time you start participating more here.)  However, BONUS:  The already cheap glasses were on an extra awesome sale, meaning I got these:
For $2.48!!!  So this is what it looks like when you're winning...
And when you're both winning and like, RIDICULOUSLY sexy.  Although that might be a more masculine sexy pose.... not sure what a feminine sexy pose would be, except that it would probably use more boobies.  

Alrighty folks, as you may be able to tell from my excessive use of the tank top, it's time for me to go run a buncha miles.  Here I come, 145 with my new shoes on!!

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