Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Who am I?!?

In blogging land, there are a number of ways to get yourself more notoriety, in order to trap more readers.  For all of those Mommy-Bloggers out there, there are actual Mommy forums, and Mommy networks,  and . . . I don't know, lots of stuff.  The same is true for Weight Loss blogging.  It seems strange, right, that blogging about being over weight, or losing weighting, or trying and failing to lose weight is it's own internet niche market, but it's true.  There are hundreds upon hundreds of people out there writing about the size of their waists and hoping you will be interested to read about it.

Every now and again I get bit by this same bug, and do something to try to bring a little more attention here.  So I decided to join a WL blog network.  I joined a site, submitted my URL and banner for approval and. . . and I received this email the following day:

Thanks much for your interest in Writing Healthy. However, I'm only looking to add personal blogs that share individual weight loss stories.

Owner, Writing Healthy

Huh??  So. . . I haven't been sharing my individual weight loss story with you all over the past 6 months.  My mistake.  Instead I've been, I've been,  gosh.  I just don't know what the heck I've been doing.  
This probably sounds ridiculous, but it did get me thinking.  What is this blog about?  What's my 'point' here?  And then, well, why the heck do I keep on writing?

Cuz if it's not a weight loss blog, it's probably mostly not an anything blog, which is okay, a few people seem interested, but I probably WON'T be getting hundreds of readers and enough ad-clicks that I can quit my job at age 28.  SUPER bummed about that.

Here is where I stopped writing and remembered that, in fact, this is not my first nothing-blogsperience.  I wrote on Xanga from August of 2005 to December of 2008, apparently. http://ashtothed.xanga.com/  The wonderful thing about the internet is that things don't ever seem to disappear. My first job out of college (wretched experience), my first year of marriage, Allie going into heat for her first (and last) time, it's all still out there. Fascinating.

So there's an update on my introspection (blog-trospection?).  And this is appropriate, since this is NOT a weight loss blog, but I have NOT lost any weight this week.  I'm okay with that, mostly because I'm distracted by the fact that Shane and I are going away today on a a crazy romantic 5 year anniversary get away, and not showing our faces around here again until Friday.  Oh, and to top it off, we've got a 3 1/2 hour drive today, and I'm really in the mood to play Encore.  

Have a wonderful week, my dear and faithful readers, as I will be enjoying the beach.  And eating too much.  And trying out my new swimsuit in the hot tub that sits in our private patio.  That's right.  That feeling you're having right now?  It's called jealousy.

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