Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Even this crappy week has a bright side

Happy Belated Independence day everyone!

Sorry no posting lately, it's been an intense week in the Miller household.  To begin with, I haven't been able to go to bed and stay in bed through the night once since Saturday night.  UTI, baby with a stomach flu, and myself with a stomach flu have made this weeks worth of sleep practically non-existent.

Anyway, now that the throwing up and massive shakiness and pain are over, I'm able to see the brighter side to stomach-exploding flu symptoms:  Weight loss.

After this past weekend, which was filled with junk food and 4th parties, my weight had ballooned back up to around 150.  I wasn't too worried about it, my weight has been in the 146-151 range for a while now.  However today I weighed in at 144.5.

BOOM baby!  It's been a great number of years (about 6, I suppose) since I've seen the underside of 145, and as bad as this past day has been for me, I was really excited about that weigh in.  Here's hoping I can keep it off, only 4.5 pounds till Shane needs to start working on his six pack!

Hope your crappy day has its own wicked-awesome bright side, and hope no one thinks I've got an eating disorder for saying all of this. :-)

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