Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Isn't it romantic? No? No??

I was having a pleasant conversation with someone the other day, who suggested that after my stomach flu, my face was looking gaunt.  Like everyone else who has ever been through that particular terror, I'd lost some weight, maybe 8 or so pounds.  I gained a few back, but I had to agree, less so in the face.  My cheeks weren't looking quite as full as they had recently become.

So a day or two later as I was casually chatting with my dear and devoted husband, I mentioned the conversation.  I agreed with my previous conversant, my face was looking a little more normal and a little less 8 months pregnant, but, I followed, gaunt?  I don't think my face even has the capacity to look gaunt.

"SERIOUSLY!" My dear and devoted husband agreed, emphatically. "It's like, a basketball is never going to look gaunt.  I mean, at best it might look deflated..."

Ahh, young love.

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