Saturday, March 3, 2012

Happy New Toy Day!!!

After about two months of research, checking into prices, looking into services I've never heard of, and considering some options that seemed definitely shady and quite possibly criminal, we finally made a decision about our cell phone plan!

Drum roll please......

We're staying with Sprint!!

Wow, I can actually feel your lack of enthusiasm wafting off you like a terrible terrible stench. So before all of you with your Verizon and AT&T plans start sticking your big ol' top of the line extra 'spensive noses at me, remember that I have unlimited mobile to mobile. And data. With no data limit. And all of a sudden now, I got to magically upgrade my palm pre (that received a fair amount of harassment from our salesman friend) to a super wicked awesome white iPhone.

Aside to our Sprint sales friend: we had palm pres because they were highly rated and served our purposes at the time. And we still had them now because our contracts just ended now. Sorry that we're not the kind of people who would break our contract just for fancier phones. So bite me.

But now, now I have an iPhone. And it's the best freaking toy I've ever had. Good gracious it's so much fun being an adult.

Anyway, to commemorate this event I'm blogging from said iPhone. Oh good heavens I just realized I can speak it out instead. My life will just never be the same again.

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