Thursday, February 23, 2012

This one's about how I'm a raging stupid moron.

I forgot to take my stupid medication last night.  By stupid medication I mean stupid doctor prescribed nasal spray and Claritin.  So don't think I'm filling myself with "shouldn't take during pregnancy" cold meds or anything.

After a terrible stupid night of sleep which I think was due more to leg cramps and general itchiness rather than stupid head congestion, I woke up to a raging stupid headache and now I stupid don't want to move or hear noise.

But that's not an option of course, because I've got a job and house to clean and a very hyper daughter.

So this morning I'm spending some time drinking decaf and watching aforementioned daughter run and spin around the living room while humming a song of her own making and occasionally stopping to bark at me (not like a scary military sergeant, like a dog) or tell me when she falls on her butt.  Because that's what she says. "I fell on a butt!" Not necessarily her butt, mind you, just A butt.  Sometimes the best part about being a parent is just sitting back and watching your kids be insane.  May not be the most helpful response to my headache this morning, but certainly helping my stupid mood.

Hope your decisions feel less stupid today!

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