Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Some things and one or two other things.

Corndogs toNIGHT!
Corndooooogs tonight!
They're in the oven now
And I am gonna eat

That's my song about corndogs.  I, um, really like them. You know. Corndogs. Please don't judge me.

So anyway, if this wasn't already apparent, I feel wicked better today.  Unlike yesterday where every cough or slight tilt of my head made me feel like my head was going to explode out the temples, which, it seems, are the weakest most vulnerable points in the skull.

Diddaloo diddaloo diddaloo...

I wrote that stuff last night.  Then I ate 2 corndogs and quickly succumbed to a corndog coma.  Apparently delicious junk food sure packs some mean consequences. Ah well. Totally worth it.

I need to go to work but don't wanna cuz I'm still sleepy.  My daughter keeps telling me she wants to go back to Disneyland and ride in her stroller.  Because, it would seem, that's her favorite thing to do at Disneyland, which really does not seem to make the whole trip worth it.  Of course in her defense, Disneyland is totally the best place to ride in your stroller.

Including today, I have approximately 25 more days in which I need to leave my house and go to work.  Those 25 days are spread over the next 6 weeks.  Cuz I leave the house about 4 days a week.  During my maternity leave I get to clean house, rearrange the kids' room to fit 2, and to be somewhat, you know, cute, cook and freeze as much food as I possibly can, and potty train my daughter.  Oh, and then give birth and care for a new addition to our family.

I just learned that women are apparently being targeted for extra body scans so that perverts can get more pictures of their nakidities.  Is it wrong that I would then be nervous that I would NOT be targeted because I'm not sufficiently attractive?  That instead, maybe I would be rushed through or invited to skip the security stop altogether?  Is it possible that there's something very very messed up inside my brain that this would be my response?

9 weeks, 2 days left.  Count it.

1 comment:

  1. So THAT explains why I get stopped at security so often . So clear now. :)
    Glad you're feeling better.


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