Wednesday, February 1, 2012

T-Minus 87 days!

That's right:  I have, officially, less than 3 months left till we get to meet our little boy, who has been code named, and it seems, ACTUALLY named Kaden.  The middle name hasn't been hundred percented yet, so that's going to have to stay secret for now.

 These two were from last week, 26 1/2 weeks along.

For those that have asked, here's some pictures of me these days, looking, according to me and my doctor, far pregnanter than I am.

Here's me around this time last pregnancy, (about a week less-far along) since I'm very interested in noticing the growth differences:
 This may also serve as an explanation for why I keep saying I'm bigger (notice the tummy) and other people keep saying "but you seem to look smaller" (notice the everywhere else).

So anyway, Kaden Somethingorother Miller, our hyperactive little scamp, will be born some time this spring, in the year of the Water Dragon.  According to Panda Expressing, being born in the year of the Dragon means you are bold, brave, and wicked energetic.  Or something like that, I don't know.  I read it like, a week ago.  Also, Kaden means, we discovered after we chose it, "Fighter".  No, I'm not superstitious, no, I do not put ANY stock in signs of the Zodiac whatsoever, but I can say this:  If Kaden the baby/boy/man is anything like Kaden the fetus, he was very aptly named.  This kid is a mover and a shaker.  So much so that I get embarrassed about being in public sometimes; your giant midsection suddenly jumping and jiggling seems... weird.  And these days, it happens all the time.  Seems baby dragons like attention.  And dancing.

Happy day to all you out there, enjoy this excitable dragon year, Love, A Warthog. Or a Boar.  Either way, it's the worst possible sign and it's mine.  Freakin awesome.


  1. Hello,
    I have a question about your blog, could you email me?

  2. Hey David, just saw this again, sorry I didn't respond. In fact, I canNOT email you, as I do not have your address. But you can feel free to ask here or send me your email and I'll help ya out. Have a good one!


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