Thursday, March 8, 2012

Some things I learned this week.

I found this fascinating.  Apparently, a person's body, even when that person is very nice and giving and cares a lot about others, a person's body doesn't like being pregnant.  Or, at least part of your body.  Namely, your immune system doesn't like being pregnant.  It looks at the growing baby like it's some sort of bathroom fungus it would like to eradicate immediately.  Of course, there's always a nicer part of your body, which may or may not be the brain, and this part decides to stop the immediate eradication of your baby fungus.  Of course, when good fights evil in times like these, good can't just say, "hey Evil, go ahead and live your normal life, it's totally cool, but you can't do A, B, and C anymore".  No.  That never works. Evil needs to be imprisoned, or in some newer, darker stories, just straight up killed.

Same thing happens inside a pregnant person.  Good Guy Brain imprisons Evil-Doer Immune system to stop all potentially baby-killing behaviors.  And that seems to work.  Bonus, for these 9 months, it seems you get to forfeit a functional immune system.  It's awesome.  Take that, Evil Doer. And... me.

This fun new fact explains why, in the past few months, I've had colds, sinus infections, two rounds with bronchitis, and now, the stomach flu.  Yes, being pregnant can make you feel sick a lot.  But also, it can apparently MAKE you SICK.  Like, loads.  It's awesome.

Second thing I learned: What it's like to get sick at Disneyland.  And yes, I mean GET. SICK.  Like, Oh God oh God, why do they put the bathrooms so far away, I cannot, canNOT projectile vomit across the Happiest Place on Earth.  If you're curious, it's a particularly miserable place to get sick, especially when walking is a problematic aspect of your illness.  However, it is somewhat saved in that there are lots of areas where you can lounge in the shade, sip water and potentially nod off while your husband takes your child around to various attractions, so that the whole experience isn't a complete loss for everyone involved.

Anyway, feeling somewhat better, besides an increasingly oppressive headache.  Hope you're learning some less painful and less humiliating lessons of your own this week!

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