Thursday, March 21, 2013

An argument for nature.

As my son has reached the monumental age of 10 months and 24 days (no gifts, please), today we decided to take his official 10-month-24-day pictures.  

Scrolling through pictures of my tiny man's "almost 1" pics got me thinking back to a few short years ago, when I did this same birthday party invite photo shoot for my daughter.  So I perused.  And then I saw something interesting.  The same front lawn, the same suburban house-backdrop (all the rage in photog circles, I ASSURE you), and, basically, the same half naked baby.  The same blue eyes, the same button nose, floppy ears, and chubby cheeks and... okay.  That much I expected.  I have, in fact, seen these babies' faces before.  But then as I kept looking, I noticed something... more.  Well, you'll see.

CONSUMER WARNING:  You probably only want to keep scrolling here if you have a bizarre interest in my children.  And let's be honest.  If you have a bizarre interest in my children, I would really, really, rather you not keep scrolling.

Just the same, if you're still here, journey with me:

They both like to stare suspiciously over their shoulders.

They're both plotting villainy against you, 
whilst remaining painfully adorable so you never see it coming.

 They believe that clothes are entirely overrated.

They both know their good side.  And aren't afraid to flaunt it.

And they both have lots... and lots... and lots of feelings.  And they would like you to know about it.

Despite the differences we notice (or totally fabricate) between these two, I'm suddenly not convinced that breeding is anything more than an intricate gender-bending cloning system invented by whatever Russia calls their version of NASA.  I'm pretty sure it's Sputnik.

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