Thursday, March 14, 2013


Okay. Okay. Okay.  Here we go.

This morning I weighed in at 140, like a stupid fat ugly JERK.  But I felt super bloated this morning, so early this afternoon, after doing yard work, running errands, and playing with the kids, I decided to weigh in again.  (And yes, I ate.  Don't think I starved my way to this because that is not the case.)

I weighed 138.  Point zero.

It was incredible.

So that's the weight I'm counting for today, I AM BACK IN THE 130'S BABY.  Take that, The Government.

Also, my daughter is currently pretend-buying her things from me.  And she's haggling.  And she's weirdly good at it.  I think I know who's buying our next family car!

Have a happy Thursday, folks, best day of the week!!

Oh POO BURGERS, I just remembered I have work tomorrow.  Ah well, still a pretty good day.

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