Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fit Fall Four!

It was suggested to me that my few pounds of weight gain might be water weight.  I doubted it, since I'd been off diet for like, 9 straight days, which are enough days for those extra pounds to become reestablished as additional thigh cellulite.

But I'm starting to think maybe I was wrong.

After only 2 days back on my diet, this morning's first-thing weigh in was 142, just about as light as I've been in.... well, I guess just about since I graduated college, exactly one million years ago.  I'm not technically the thinnest wife my husband has ever had today (missed it by exactly 0.4 pounds), but this IS my lowest weight on a weigh in day, so as far as you all are concerned, it's the lowest one that counts.

On to other news, I am vera vera sleepy.  My poor sick little son was awake a good portion of the night with a cold, and even when he wasn't awake, he was crying almost constantly, leaving me awake, vigilantly listening to the sound of his breathing and his coughing just in case, you know, he stops breathing.  Being responsible for the well being of another human being is exhausting.

Which is why this morning, I looked like this:

And then this is what I would look like as a straight up Coffee Lovin' Zombie.

Can you see the difference?  Yeah.  Neither can I.

So here we are on to the next UpAllNight.  Currently it's 10:20, and Lil' Man has been asleep for almost an hour.  He has not had an hour of straight sleep since he "officially" woke up at 7am.  I've been trying to get this tiny sad little blog post up since about 8:30 this morning.

PS  Why the crapface do my zombie wrists look so wrinkly?!?  It's like I'm wearing a baggy shirt that is MY OWN FREAKING SKIN!  Great googly, aging is depressing.

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  1. When I bend my wrists at certain angles I have the same issue! I just noticed it a couple months ago and it freaked me out! Glad to see you had a drop in the scale. :)


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