Saturday, February 1, 2014

New Month, New Me

Happy February, Friends!

I started the month with my weigh in, landing at 168 point zip-diddly.  Not quite as low as I'd hoped, I've been kind of grounded around 168.5-170 for the past couple weeks and hoped for a sudden plummet, but it's also, officially, the lowest weight I've had since baby 3 showed up, so I'll take it.  I undid the holidays by the end of January.  

To help me watch the movement here, I've also been taking two measurements of myself:  The smallest part of my torso (right under my rib cage) and the largest part of my torso (over my hip bones and across the kangeroo pouch of my lower abdomen).  Of course I'd like to lose weight in other places, and of course it will happen, but I don't care at all to watch it happen.  It's logical, trust me.  I don't want to watch my chest shrink (because that part gives me sad feelings), and I don't really care if my booty diminishes (because I don't want none unless ya got buns, hun), and having a super skinny neck just means that even midgets and carnies can strangle me, and I'm not interested in advertising that kind of information.  I want a tighter tummy, that is all.  

So here you are, my January results:

8 pounds lost

2 inches lost from the kangeroo pouch

1.75 inches lost from my waist

So, not bad? The inches are fun to check once a month, because even when the weight isn't moving as fast as I'd like, I can be happy to see that, for example, I've lost 26% of the inches I want to see lost on my waist, and my size 12 Goodwill jeans are starting to get ever so slightly baggy.  So yeah. Hoo-rah.

And oh yeah, for what it's worth, I've started running again.  Yesterday I did 3 miles for the 4th time, and have adjusted my speed from over 13 minutes per mile to an average of 11 min, 30 seconds a mile.  And man it felt wonderful(terrible) to push this chubby body that hard.  And I kinda wanna do it again right now.  But my knee and my ankle and my lower back hurt, and I don't want to ruin me, seeing as I'm the only me I have.  So... I'll think about it.

Tomorrow is Super Bowl.  Tomorrow, we watch people engage in amazing feats of physical strength while we engage in amazing feats of physical consumption.  And yep, I'm gonna eat with the best of 'em.  Maybe I'll post some shame pictures to remind me of how diety I need to be on Monday.  That'll be good.

Happy weekend, folks.  Good luck to your favorite team tomorrow!  Personally, I was just happy to see the Patriots and the Niners lose a couple weeks ago.  I'm not really a football fan.  I'm a football antagonist? Opponent? Enemy? Detractor? Anyway, I watch football to see those teams lose.  So that was a really good day.

Anyway, once again, have a happy weekend.  Oh, and if you happen to be a midget-fan of one of the aforementioned teams, just know that my neck is thick and ropey and not at ALL good for strangling.  Just so you know.

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