Thursday, July 9, 2015

Time Out for GENIUS

Today is Day 3 of 21. The workout went far better than expected. Today was my first day with thoughts of "I wish I could eat ______". I think I got a little bummed out when

1- My weight which had dropped 2 full pounds by the end of Day 2, jumped back up 1.5 pounds,
2- Friend of mine, (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE), told me that she's at the end of this same challenge, enjoying it, but hasn't lost an ounce.

And between those two things, I became suddenly a little down, a little fatalistic. HOWEVER. That's not helping. I shall not allow the evil brain to come back and convince me to stop trying and to dive almost literally back into the cookie jar. No, Evil Brain. NO.

But time out. Because Guys? I totally invented a Pinterest.

So one problem that I'd been having since I've been doing breakfast shakes, is that I try to drink them in my awesome mason jug thingy, as seen here:

and then I inevitably gunk up the straw with kale flecks or powdery shake stuffs, and then I get skeeved out and never want to use it again.

The question "how can I make my reusable drink mug actually reusable?" has plagued me for years. YEARS I tell you.  Which is sad, really, when the answer was lying around my house the whole time.

I can't take it anymore. I have to tell you. It's yarn. YARN! My favorite thing has a new use!

Look at me! I'm a genius!!
I know that you get it already, but other people who figure stuff out get to list steps. I wanna list steps. So ehem.

All you have to do is:

1) Drop a thin strand down side till it emerges from the other end (if it doesn't want to go, you can kind of blow on it. That worked for me.)
2) Add water and some dish soap
3) Hold the ends of the yarn in one hand, the straw in the other, and just pull it top to bottom while slowly rotating the straw. The course fibers are awesome little scrubbers, and within no time, your nasty skanky gross out straw is so fresh and so clean clean!

I like Bubbles.

If anything, I'm a little annoyed that it took me this long to properly clean out all my water bottle straws. I mean, there is no substance more plentiful in my home (besides, maybe, cracker crumbs) than yarn. I could knit my whole house a sweater if I wanted to. I'm saying I've got a problem. So you see, the solution that evaded me for so long was right under my nose... or rather, in the ottoman under my feet... and in a tub under my bed, and a little hiding in the hatbox in my bedroom closet.

Well, that's really all I've got for you tonight, Folks. But if this little piece of genius isn't enough for you, then, you've got some real problems, my friend. The first of which being ridiculously high expectations for this blog.

Now, I'm off to go use my powers for Good, and find what other dilemmas that Yarn and I can solve tonight!*

*This is the part where I was going to create for myself a superhero called Yarn Man or Yarn Girl or something like that and then I thought, wait a minute, duh, the internet exists. And also, apparently, so does Yarn Man, copyright someone else.

Don't string him along, he's YARN MAAAAN!!!!!!!
 I can only assume this is Yarn Man's sidekick: The Crochet Kiiiiid!!!!!
My superpowers are Cannabis!

Goodnight Kids!

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