Thursday, July 2, 2015

Stress- with a side of onion rings

Today, I am not running. I am getting ready for work, I am taking care of the kids, and I am drinking a cup of coffee for the first time in a few days, and it's okay, I gotta admit. But also? I kinda wish I'd gotten up early enough to run today. One week into New Life, and it already feels wrong to take a rest day. THAT IS AMAZING.

So if it's so easy to enjoy running and other such good behaviors, how come I've breached back into the "overweight" category, huh? HUH?? That, Lovelies, is a fair question.

Lately, I've had The Stress. From various places in life and work, since around April, The Stress has been cranked up to 11. I felt like I was in college again (not as good as it sounds), with my poor sleeping, racing heart, and constant sense of foreboding. It blows, honestly. So I decided, on purpose, to let this one go. I decided that I don't have "healthy lifestyle" in me right now. I'm too busy, I'm too preoccupied, I've let anxiety gain a foothold in me, and I don't need to add to my problems by getting all obsessed with the size of my flabby belly.  ... right?

No. Obviously no. Because ignoring health, using food to suppress stress (old habits die hard), and pretending I can just hold on to the weight I was at (notice the past tense), well, these things are lies and they are NOT FREAKING HELPING. I spent 3 months feeling stressed and eating junk and not getting, in any way, better. At all. Just not.

But guess what? HOPE AND CHANGE, that's what.

Now, these feet are going places.

Now, this face is drenched in sweat.

And now, this human is starting to heal.  Because here's the truth of the matter: Waiting till life gets less stressful is a darn dirty LIE. That's not how life works. Life doesn't just "get easier", you have to get better at life. Ooh, I like that one, let's say it again:

Life doesn't get easier, you have to get better at life!

That's right kids, I just Tony Robbins-ed all over your faces. Deal with it.  

Happy Thursday, Friends. Tomorrow, we shall run again. And then Saturday, we shall run again again. Because 'Murica. Because, suck it, England. This is what Freedom tastes like.

Oh wait, real quick. I just saw something on a show called My 600-Pound Life. A guy, shocked, innocent, and full of drama, tells the camera "Almost everything I eat is bad for me.  .... I had no idea." 

Really? Because you weigh over 790 pounds... and I feel like maybe there were signs. :-P

No judgement, obviously, I have zero legs to stand on here, but come now, Friend, let's try a bit of honesty.

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