Friday, July 17, 2015

I declare today, a holiday. HAPPY SEXY ARM DAY!

SOOOOOO for my exercise/weight loss group today, we were asked to post a flex picture. I was not looking forward to this suggestion. I am not happy with the flabby, thick nature of my arms, or the lackluster showing of muscles.  But I did it just the same because hey, I am a SPORT.

And then I suddenly felt amazing and needed to tell the whole internet about it.


Because this was my right arm, 11 days ago....

And this was my right arm today.

ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME??? I mean, I thought my arms were feeling a little less wobbly than normal, but dang it all that is AMAZING. 11 days of diet, 11 days of exercise, and my arm is practically unrecognizable.  There's this bulge on my forearm, just above the elbow. I was wondering what this flabby lump was all about, so I flexed my arm again and poked at it. Guys, it's just another muscle. I didn't even know I had that muscle. Added bonus, I'm running out of flabby lumps!!

So today, I have 3 thoughts for you:

1- Guys, take "before" pictures. I know nobody likes to do it, no one wants to take pictures when you feel super grosky, but I promise you, a little bit of freaking work and you'll love yourself for doing it. I mean as of today, I've still only lost a bit over 2 pounds. That's not very encouraging. You know what IS encouraging? My ridiculous, butt-kicking MUSCLES.

2- I am officially over half way done with the 21 Day Fix, but I am not even close to done with the 21 Day Fix. The diet is switching me to good habits with eating regularly, healthy foods spread throughout the day. It doesn't feel like a diet, it feels like, what we should've all been doing  all along. I'm sure I'll add in occasional cheats after this first round is done, but it's a lifestyle that I'm not looking to walk away from.

And then lastly we're on to...

3- and this is the worst, but I'm actually enjoying the exercise. I know, I hate me right now a little bit too, and it took a good week of hating everything, but the soreness has diminished, I'm getting better at the moves, and I guess I'm getting that endorphin rush or something because it just makes me feel good. Which makes me want to do it more. Which is why I'm also going for a run or a walk with the family almost every night.

So that's my day 11 update. Happy to be having a good mood moment to ride me into the weekend, because there's something about a weekend that just makes dieting feel a liiiittle extra depressing. Happy Friday, all, live long, prosper, and what not. 

I don't know why Spock never added the what not. 

And oh yeah. Welcome to the gun show, ladies and gents. 

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  1. I am proud, giddy, all excited like a kid on Christmas morning as I read this! You are rocking the socks off this challenge and I am stoked for you! Keep killing it mama, you are being an incredible example to your family and to so many other silent followers, so keep doin' what you do!


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