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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

All Done! Day 1!

Today is Day 22 of my 21 Day Fix!  Today is a happy day, because today is RESULTS day. Eep!

It has been rough! Not horrible, none of it is horrible, and I've learned good things and am probably a generally healthier person for having been through this. But still, I'm chubby because I'm lazy and I like to eat things. This past 3 weeks have been different. So there ya go.

So, LET'S GET TO IT!! The measurements:
21 Days:
10 inches lost. 
7 pounds lost.

Also, it's not on here, but I like lower belly measurement, because it's my least favorite body part. Well, the mannish app version of me doesn't accept that measurement, so I'll just tell you. It was 38.5, it is now 36.5. So there ya go. Not so bad.

Smaller arms. That's apparent. And the belly. Can you tell? It's smaller too.

Also, smaller face! You don't take any measurements of your face, probably because other peoples aren't quite as cheeky as myself so don't consider it a prime place for weight loss, but check it out! Smaller face!

There is something very crooked about my body. I'm going to have to look into that.

I was looking through the pictures and I felt like, well, it's different, it's better, but despite what Autumn the crazy exercise dictator asserted, even though I gave her 21 days, I'm not going to lie and say this is the body I WANT. I'm closer. I'm 21 days closer, but not THERE yet.

But then I looked again, and I noticed something and I thought, oh man, I HAVE to show them this. SO here you go, it's

Can you see that?! It's A TOTALLY DIFFERENT BUTT. All freakin perky and chipper looking. And in case you were curious, yes, I already told my husband I was going to do this. 

Him: "What?"
Me: "I'm putting together my before/after pictures and OMIGOSH I FOUND SOMETHING! LOOK AT IT. LOOK AT MY BUTT."
Him: "Yeah..."
Him: "Yeah! It's good."
Me: "... I think I'm going to put my butt on the internet now."
Him: ...
Actually no, he didn't say a whole lot of things at that point. Weird.

So that's it, my first round of 21 fix done. Today was Day 1 again because my after pictures aren't quite after enough yet. So bubbly water cheers to another great 3 weeks!

Oh and last but not least, Crazy Exercise Dictator keeps saying that we should post our favorite yoga pose. So I thought I'd finally play along:

It's my personal modification on Corpse Pose. And more realistic, I think.

G'night friends! Tomorrow is Day 2, wooHOO!!

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