Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Week 1 results and a NEW THING!

So, today is day 9 of 21! I haven't done the work out yet, and it's not even noon, so I can't say 'YAY 9 DAYS DONE!!' like I would like to, but that is OKAY. 8 days done. Woo.

Yesterday, I did not tell you what for, but today I shall. Yesterday was my official 1 week weigh in and measurements stuff. So. So so. One week in, I weighed 153.6, meaning I have lost:

I made a graphic. To make it more exciting.
Chevrons make things more exciting, I've heard.

I feel like the inches are more impressive than the poundage at this point. I'm assuming this is due to regaining muscle mass that had atrophied due to supreme laziness. But that is the point of measurements. Less than 2 pounds is less than encouraging. The other stuff feels better.


Our family got a new addition this past weekend. And it is due to a story. So here you have it: A story.

Once upon a time circa 2008, my brother and I acquired for our mother, a dog.  A snuffly, wiggly little pug named Oliver. Whom she loved, except for 2 things. 1) He was a little excitable around the children, who were more than a little anxious about his snarly, growly, angry sounding breathing, and 2) He had a tendency to get out of the back yard.

So although Oliver the Pug was loved and cared for, about a year ago, he got out, and was not found. Not picked up by the SPCA, never ever discovered. It was decided that he was either taken by another family, or he had met his end. Sadness. 

After some months, our mother acquired a new puppy, a mutt dog who my daughter named Paws. That puppy, now 6 months old, has become a beloved animal to my children.

Friday evening, my mom got a phone call. From a police officer. 

We have your dog, he says. 

Oliver, the little world traveler, had not met his end after all. We can assume he may have been taken by another family, when he once again used his Houdini inspired powers of escape, and found himself grabbed and scanned by the Po-po.

So mother calls us. 

Would you like a dog?

Seems 2 dogs felt a little intense and unexpected, and since our kids had made such a close bond with the new pup, we decided to bring her home.  And that's how we got this new little addition to our home.

I got these pictures after the kids had played the dog within an inch of her life, and she finally collapsed, attempting to nap.

brothers are annoying.

Girly Pants LOVES her new dog. Because, she says, Paws is HER pet. Which is fine with me, because it is also HER responsibility to pick up poop. Everyone's happy.
Luvies <3

 Added and unexpected bonus to having a dog: she eats the food crumbs the kids spill almost before they hit the floor. Paws has SIGNIFICANTLY reduced the amount of times I need to sweep the kitchen floor every day. Which makes her, of course, my new favorite person.

So g'day, Folks! And for those of you in this challenge with me, or who have mentioned you're on the weight loss journey too, keep it up! You're awesome! And IT'S WORTH IT!!

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