Thursday, May 24, 2012

And stretch... And down.... And feet together feet together ONE MORE TIME!

New life plan for awesomeness:

1-Ignore weight loss.
2-Don't stress about things.
3-Pray more.
4-Play more.
     **Side note: Toddler daughter is a whole freaking gym wrapped up in a bouncy little 30 pound package.  The gym membership is relatively cheap.  Plus, she sings.  Bet your gym doesn't sing.  This morning we're singing happy birthday to her playing cards.  The cards can't believe it's been a whole year already, but I guess time flies when you're a playing card.

Some other stuff that will be worked out later...


And by profit, I obviously mean lose lots and lots of weight and look amazingly sexy.  But I assume that's obvious.

Today, I am celebrating being 15 pounds overweight.  HooRAY!!  By that, I mean I've hit 170, 20 pounds down since giving-birth day.  (Or instead, giving the gift of LIFE day.  You're very welcome, tiny humans who live in my house.)  Official records report that this took 27 days.  Great googly, I've only got 2 more weeks till the post baby doctor's appointment.  Think I can lose 10 more pounds in.... no, no.  Remember the steps. Remember the steps.

Okay, off to the aerobic circus that is a trip to the grocery store!  Whew, better stretch it out first.

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