Friday, May 18, 2012


Sleepy, by the way, has other side effects too.  Aside from the uncontrollable weeping, that is.  Sleepy is a terrifyingly sadistic Serial Diet Murderer.  When I wake up sleepy, I wake up ravenous.  Specifically, ravenous for comfort-y food.  Ravenous for ice cream instead of breakfast.  I wake up sleepy and want to shoot my diet out of the sky and watch it go down in a blaze of chocolate covered glory.  With whipped cream.  And chocolate chip cookies.  If the cops ask, Sleepy made me do it.

Also, I may have dreamt (dreamed?  I can't decide which is right here and I'd rather type this sentence than search Google for the answer like a real grown up human) about chocolate chip cookies last night.  It's hard to tell what's real and what's a dream, because I'm so sleepy.

I really am super stinking proud to say that I have not had ice cream for breakfast... yet.  Okay, not "not" as in "not ever in my life", more like, "not lately".  Like, not in the past weeks or months and maybe years, though that might be a lie.  And maybe sometimes I don't call it breakfast, I call it breakfast dessert, and maybe that should be a legitimate meal, if you think about it.  I apologize, I digress; the point is I have not indulged ridiculously in the mornings, and for one very specific reason:  COFFEE (was that not clear?).  That black cup of morning goodness that gives me just enough pep to keep me on my feet and my eyelids in an upright and locked position without leaving me spastic and paranoid.  Also, keeps ya regular.  It's like a miracle food.
God bless safe, legal drugs.  Because he most definitely had this mommy in mind when he created that incredible little bean.

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