Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I think I can, I think I can, I... ah screw it.

Life has gotten a little backwards and crazy these days.  For maybe the first time in my life ever, my motivation to DO things, exercise, do chores, etc etc etc, outweighs my ability to do so.  Typically speaking, my body is strong, but my laziness is far, far stronger.  But this past week, I've been feeling good (all things considered) and that's made me want to be up, want to do more.  I really really wish I could run, but I know the body's not ready for that yet.  Instead, I'm doing some weak-sauce Wii Fit exercises, to try get my body accustomed to moving again.  Plus, I throw in some 5lb weights, just to see if I can't get myself some tank top-worth arms in the next few months.  It seems though, that even this small effort might be overly ambitious, as my body has, shall we say, not responded terribly positively to those efforts.

Well, except for the fact that I weighed in at 174 again today, which was pleasanter.

Today though, I think I've been grounded for realskis.  Yesterday was a day of unpleasant medical interventions for the Miller family.  Precious little baby dude got his itty bitty foreskins dis-attached from his itty bitty peeps.  Needless to say, he was not a big fan of this particular doctor visit.

Then, 2 hours later, I got to visit the dentist for my second ever root canal.  It was a last minute decision, prompted by crazy loads of exposed-nerve pain that I was pretty sure was trying to kill me.  Root canals blow, by the way.  Root canals make it feel like someone took a baseball bat to the side of your face.  And to top it off, this stupid temporary filling is too big, so it hurts like nuts if I close my mouth all the way.  Maybe I'll lose weight just because eating sucks now.  That's... promising.  And a little bit sucky.

All that to say, I feel less awesome than I could.

Oh, plus, it seems I have a cold.  Cuz why not, right?

So I'm assuming that I'm grounded from even sadly small amounts of exercise today.  Which is probably okay, really.  Seeing as every part of my body that is not distracted by throbbing pain is crying out for a nap.

And then there's my daughter, who has taken up a new artistic endevour: Beat Poetry.  She's riffing on her piano and interspersing her playing with her verse:

::Plink plunk::
Green means GO!!!
::Plunk plunk plunk::
Red means STOP!!
Yellow means SLOW DOWN!!!!

Seems we'll need to start investing in some turtle necks and berets here pretty soon.  Cause otherwise, this would all seem ridiculous.

::Snap snap snap snap snap::


  1. This one was lol funny.

    When I started to feel better, I decided to go on a walk. Three miles later, I was home, and thoroughly regretted it. So. much. pain.

  2. :-( Yikes. So question then: How long after was still too soon, and how long was long enough and you were able to take that walk?


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