Thursday, June 7, 2012

And boom goes the dynamite.

Today, I weigh 168.8.  I haven't seen the underbelly of 170 since having the baby.  

Today is a wicked sweet day.  Only 2.8 pounds more to lose before I'm no longer discriminated against as a fat lady (read yesterday's post if that statement feels confusing).  Only 13.8 more pounds till I'm not overweight.  And I can officially say I would NOT like to lose 50 more pounds.  Because 50 pounds below this would officially be underweight.  

Also, today my husband entered the last year of his twenties.  I've gotten to see him through every year of his twenties, and even one year of his teens, and I can honestly say he keeps getting better with age.  

And now, for your viewing pleasure, here's my husband on a horse:

 And as a Ninja Turtle:

And in his underwear (Sorry Seth, didn't mean to throw you under this bus too, but you play the pictures you're dealt.):

Happy 7 Birthday, Bobsidies.  This one is you.

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