Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day 3. Dum dum duuuum.

Wow.  I forgot how much it sucks to run when you're wildly out of shape.  It hurt and then I stopped.  Yikes.

So today is my 3rd official day of dieting, and I've found a new way that my body is attempting to sabatoge me.  Basically, it's trying to get me to eat crap.  No, not junk food, like, LITERAL. CRAP.

Okay, maybe not actual fecal matter.  But I did see a Dorito's Taco Bell taco commercial and thought something along the lines of "Mmmm.  Wait... mmmm?"  I promise you know that I will NOT be eating a Dorito's taco because, seriously?  Ew. That looks incredibly McNasty.  But now that I'm on a diet, now that I've decided to deprive my body of the delicious normal food that it wants, it seems to have lowered its standards some.

I've been here before.  This is the time of the diet when you do stuff like, drink chocolate syrup straight out of the bottle or eat sugar cubes.  Because even though all of these things are so disgusting you might be gagging right now, my body is more than willing to try anything to get the influx of crap it so desperately wants.

I will resist the poo-taco*.  I will resist the chocolate syrup and I will not buy sugar cubes and I will avoid any other sort of sugar intake that would make a normal brained person refuse to be my friend anymore.  I promises.

It should also be noted that today was my second post baby day under 170, as I weighed in at 169.6.  I took some absolutely terrifying "pre" tummy pictures, which were, again, terrifying and you don't get to see, unless I'm suddenly sporting a really impressive "post" tummy.  Let's hope that happens soon.

Anyway, tough day 3 has come to an end, here's hoping tomorrow doesn't present any major chinks in the diet armor.  Night night y'all!

*Also, I'm pretty sure that calling it a poo-taco seals my fate on ever receiving any sort of endorsement from either of the aforementioned poo-taco collaborators.  That's a bummer.

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  1. I drank some half-n-half a week or so out. That's embarrassing.


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