Monday, June 25, 2012

Onward and Upward, Week 3, here we come!

Quick sum up of week 2:
~Family visits
~Negative Amounts of Exercise-- Like, exercise from previous weeks should no longer be counted.  That's how bad this week was.
~Emotions and sad things that give you emotions
~Stomach flu
And Finally
~ 3.5 pound weight loss

Obviously some positives and negatives there, so positive and so negative in fact, that I can't exactly call it a good or bad week.  It was wonder-terrible.  Maybe that should be a new thing.  Oh, and I can't blame having company on my lack of exercise, since the company exercised.  I CAN blame the stomach flu, and my children, which I am always happy to do.  So there you have it, week 2, summed.

My weigh in this morning, right around 168.5, was a tad disappointing to me.  I've seen lower over the past few days, not a TON lower, but a good pound beneath my current weightage.  That thought reminded me of my last Monday's post, where I had a similar complaint.  It also reminded me that LAST Monday, I weighed in at 172.  That thought gave me a new idea.  I decided to start posting my Monday weigh ins, just to have a nice, once-weekly idea of how this is all going.  This also lets me see what "over all" progress is looking like more than the day to day weigh ins are, since there tends to be such a high degree of volatility in the day to day.  That being said, you'll notice some additional updating around the blog, as I decided to make some adjustments and clean things up a bit.  If you noticed, hope you like it.  If you didn't, well then I guess it doesn't really matter either way.

One of the little adjustments you may care to take note of us that little icon off to your left, and maybe up a bit.  Just under the About Me section.  Go ahead, take a look.  It's purple.  You see?  It says that I intend to lose a marathon.  In 13 weeks, beginning June 18, actually.  I found this lovely blog created by a girl named Jess, and she has started a 13 week marathoner challenge.  And although I found this too late to be IN the challenge (seems she got a thousand participants and closed the registration) I thought I would consider myself to be contest-adjacent, and use this 26.2 pound weight loss as my personal goal too.  So as far as this puppy goes, I've got 12 weeks and 22.7 pounds left!!  Achieving this challange will mean I get down to 145.8 pounds by September 17.  For those of you keeping track, that would be lower than my last weight loss low by an entire 0.2 pounds.  So yeah, it's ambitious, but I'm TOTALLY into it.  There ya go accountability family, that's the new goal!!  The idea that I can be even thinner than before as I reach my 29th (oh God, it hurts, it hurts) birthday in October, well that feels like a super great idea.  Feel free to yell at me if you hear or see or read that I'm eating too much or exercising too little, because I've got some lofty goals to reach, and I could really use that kind of kick in the pants!

Now on to week 3 with a bullet!

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