Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cheapening Effecs

Day one as a thrift store shopping platinum blonde... or something like that.

Today, I've got my first $2.95 shirt on, American Eagle, and I can finally see the full effect of my hair dye-stravaganza.  So survey says: pretty much the same, although it got rid of some of the brassiness, which is nice.

So far, I'm calling yesterday the day of ultimately positive choices, however, I'm definitely open to suggestions, reviews, and mockery.  Here's some pics, for your viewing pleasure.


  1. I love going to the thrift store! Half of my clothes come from there! Nothing to be ashamed of ;) let me know next time you go, I'll go with you ;) hair looks good!!

  2. That's so cool to hear!! We should take an afternoon this summer and go thrift-shop-hopping!


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